Joe Giamportone  and  Ambar Quijije ; Owners & Lead Agents @ JAG

Joe Giamportone and Ambar Quijije; Owners & Lead Agents @ JAG

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Question…have you worked on your Brand Equity Pyramid? 🤔
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Branding101: Build your Brand Equity Pyramid with JAG Branding

Branding101: Build your Brand Equity Pyramid with JAG Branding

JAG is a Brand Evolution Agency.

We provide fine design for brand ID, print, web, social and other media coupled with search engine optimization, photography, copywriting, video, animation and kinetic typography.

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Our system is the total brand evolution and maintenance formula. Via hub and spoke model campaigning and using strategic landing pages with data analytics, we monitor all internet traffic and use our findings to fuel growth for our network of innovators.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

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Good data is the foundation for making smart decisions.

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