At Just A Gimmick, we blend the talents of fine artists, graphic designers, data & web managers, photographers, video animators and content creators to help small businesses stay ahead with intelligent campaigning.

We created this business with one basic principle in mind: To focus on helping small businesses grow by combining fine design, intelligent marketing strategies and data analytics. Constantly asking, "How can we utilize our plan elements to be a true catalyst for growth of the client's business?", we gather information before enacting any strategies or making any recommendations.  In order to drive real results, we first must lay the groundwork to show the data for those results. So yes...everything must "look" great -- but must function just as well...Functionality, it can be argued, is just as important - sometimes more - as design. Approaching our designs and plans from an aesthetic as well as a functional mindset allows us to truly help grow our clients' businesses.


JAG is a branding & marketing agency with influences in New York, Florida, Ecuador and Costa Rica.

Our team spans the globe and is headquartered in Staten Island New York. Our Founder & CEO Joe Giamportone works one-on-one both virtually and in person with each of our partners and clients, guiding them along on their journey to evolve their brands.

Our Ecuador branch is run by Ambar Quijije, a journalist and government communications specialist with a passion for multi media and marketing. JAG Branding Ecuador is a new branch dedicated to the growth of our team and servicing the luxury real estate and hospitality industry along the shores of beautiful Manta in the Manabí Province. Our strategic alliance with Eat In Manta, Rent In Manta and Best in Manta provides us the perfect environment to incubate our satellite office while putting our system to use in a country that is fast becoming the ex-pat's next dream-home-away-from-home.

The preliminary stage of your venture; from concept to testing and finally to launch, marks only the beginning with JAG. In this time, we will work hand-in-hand with you on every facet of your brand development whether it be the creation of products and packages or even assisting in the acquisition of investors' capital.

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Strong relationships are at the core of any successful venture. We love working closely with our partners to build their brands from the ground up, helping to evolve every component of their identity while educating them in the process. We take enormous pride in our quality-over-quantity approach to brand direction and enjoy opening our clients' minds to new ideas that creatively and effectively intertwine traditional advertising with modern marketing strategies.